Surefire recipes: Rost catfish in a ham

One of the main ingredient of this catfish recipe is fennel. By the way the name “fennel” went from latinic foenum, that means a variety of aromatic hay. It is good in combination with fish, especially with mackerel, herring and salmon. For another thing youcan add dry fennel to firewood in brazier to give an original taste to fish.




  • 1 kg catfish fillet
  • 400 g fennel
  • 4 tomatoes
  • 2 lemons
  • 8 dill twigs
  • 4 tsp olive oil
  • a pinch of ground true star anise
  • 4 raw smoked ham slices


Cooking time:   1 hour.


Cut fennel into two parts lengthwise and then slice. Cut tomatoes into two parts, remove seeds, chop the tomatoes flash into small cubes. Grater true star anise and put a pinch of anise to fennel. If you do not like anise or fennel smell you may replace them with smallage and caraway or any other spices you prefer. Then you should cut smallage halms into 10 sm long parts, and slice lengthwise. Add ground caraway. And futher follow the recipe.

Wash dill twigs, dry with paper towel and break large. Put the half of dill into fennel and lay the second half aside.

Cut two parallel pieces of skin at the top and bottom of lemon, place the lemon vertically and cut all skin with outer membrane from top downward. And then cut lemon flash out with no inner membranes. Put the half of lemon flash into fennel salad and lay the second half aside.

Mix olive oil and tomato cubes, season with peper and salt and add the rest of dill. Stir the flavour quick once more.

Preheat the oven upto 200 C. if you use aeroconvectional oven, preheat it upto 180 С.

Cut catfish fillet into 10-12 sm morsels. Enfold each fillet into ham slices like a roll. You can use bacon slices instead of raw smoked ham slices. In this case put them overlapped to cover the fish completely.

Preheat small pan. Pour a little olive oil. Roast the fish-n-ham rolls all round. Place the pan with catfish into the preheated oven and leave for 7 min.

Add the rest of lemon flash to tomato and olive oil mixture, stir well. Lay 2 tbsp of the blend aside, and put the rest to the fenell salad.

Cut the cooked fish catty-corner into 1 sm thiсk pieces. Use only very sharp knife, or the fish will crumble.

Prepare serving plates, lay the fennel salad out, lay the fish pieces circle-wise over the salad. And spread the rest of olive-tomato flavour evenly over the fish.

You can use some flavour for decoration – dab it on a plate surface around the salad in markedly careless way.